Sunday, March 25, 2012

From my unfinished story: Spooks - the REAL ending. Ruth and Harry...alive and well in New York

Her spirit of Atlanticism won out.

Friday, June 17, 2011

We saw Spooks filming in London and met the cast and crew!

My husband and I flew to London just to see Spooks filming (called "MI-5" here in the U.S.) On Sunday June 5th and Wednesday June 8th we were lucky enough to see some filming and meet the cast and crew! They were all so nice!

The first scene we saw was filmed on the corner of Wood St. and Love Lane near St. Paul's Cathedral. That's where we met Peter Firth and Nicola Walker - Harry and Ruth!
A car chase was being filmed with Lara Pulver and Max Brown.

On Wednesday the crew was at Waterloo Station where we got to meet the producer Chris Fry and the very sweet Lara Pulver.

There's a full write-up of my trip on the Nicola Walker fan site here:


Here are some videos we took:

Nicola Walker and Peter Firth walking arm-in-arm (POPULAR!)

Nicola Walker meets Clapperboard guy

Nicola Walker talking with a friend from the crew

Peter Firth and Nicola Walker talking to producer Chris Fry

Peter Firth and Nicola Walker standing around during Spooks shoot

Peter Firth and Nicola Walker walking up the street.

Spooks behind the scenes car chase

NEW! Nicola Walker and Chris Fry reviewing footage

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